Force Quit Not Working on Mac? Here's how to fix it

Some Mac users reported, Force Quit option not working in El capitan, Yosemite. The can’t force quit Activity monitor, Google chrome, Network Diagnostics, Minecraft and Photoshop like apps.
Normally you can access For Quit option via Option + command + Esc short cut keys or Apple Menu -> Force quit.
Solution 1 : Force quit Apps using Activity Monitor

  1. Open Activity Monitor app on your Mac
  2.  Set to Activate Processes
  3.  Choose or highlight the app.
  4. Then select “Quit Process”.

You can do the same steps above mentioned via Terminal.
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Solution 2 :Run your Mac in Safe mode and repair disk permissions

  1.  Shutdown Mac.
  2. After it turned off, press Power button
  3. Press and hold the Shift key when you hear the startup tone.
  4.  When you see the grey Apple logo and process bar, release the shift key.
  5.  After desktop appears, launch Disk utility scan to repair file system errors (choose your main hard drive).
  6.  Press verify disk, if it ask to fix issues, choose Repair Disk.
  7. Then press Verify Disk permissions and repair disk permissions.
  8.  Shutdown your Mac after it finish the process. Then turn it on.

If you knew any other solutions to solve “Mac Force quit option not working” issue, inform us using comment.

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