FlexClip – A Great Online Video Tool For Youtubers

FlexClip is one of the best and fastest ways to edit videos, add audio, and add other effects to them. YouTubers and TikTok users can use it to professionally edit and write their videos online without downloading any tools.

What is FlexClip Video Editor

FlexClip is a professional video editor and product, all you have to do is drag and drop the video to edit it in a matter of minutes.

Flexclip Online video tool

It contains great video templates that users can use, whether it is for commercial or entertainment purposes, and it also provides you with many features such as using images, audio files, texts, and even logos to place them in your video.

How to use FlexClip

1- Getting started

Open https://www.flexclip.com in your browser.

On the main page, click (Get Started – Free), then log in to your account or create a new account.

On the My Projects panel, click the (Create New) button to start editing the video. You can choose from several pre-made video templates or start from scratch with a blank project.

Flexclip video tool maker

2- Adding media

To add media files, click on the + button and you will have 3 options from the popup menu.

You can add local or stock media or add backlinks to your workspace.

  1. Choose “Add Stock Media” to search over 850,000 photos and videos from the media library.
  2. Choose “Add Local Media” to upload your video clips or photo.
  3. Choose “Add Background” to create a black background (presumably).

3- Video management

To amend any of the materials:

  1. Click the add button at the bottom of the storyboard to add stored or local media.
  2. Press and hold the mic icon at the bottom of the storyboard window to record your voiceover.
  3. Click the play button at the bottom of the storyboard to preview the selected storyboard.

By selecting an image clip in the storyboard, you can enter an animation:
Click Animation in the top editing bar, then choose an effect, and then press Apply.

Flexclip Online video maker tool

4- Navigation effects

If you want to add transition effects between pages, just click on Transition.

Then you can choose the effect you want: Cross Fade, Fade to White, Fade to Black, Zoom in, Zoom out, etc.
Then click on Apply.

If you want to modify or delete some of the effects, click on Transition and make the desired change.

5- Cut the video

You can crop and select the desired portion from the added video.

  1. Click the Crop button and a video trimmer will open. You can trim your video by moving the yellow trim sliders along the video path.
  2. The video path displays a thumbnail of your video, giving you a comprehensive preview.
  3. Drag one or both of the trim sliders on each end of the video path to define the length of your video, then drag and move the icon at the top of the video path to define the starting and ending points for your video.

Adding and editing texts

Choose from a handful of handpicked text animations to enhance your video.

Add text

Click the button in the menu on the left side of the screen and you’ll see lots of pre-integrated text animations. Select and add what suits your needs.

Edit text

Double click on the text box to be able to enter your text, drag the corners to quickly resize it and you can move it anywhere in your video.

To modify the text further, click on any text box and open the Text Editing panel at the top of the storyboard window, where you can quickly change or remove text line, color, formatting, size, alignment, position, duration.

7- Adding and editing music

Add your favorite background music to take your video to the next level.

8- Direct video preview

When you finish creating your video, you can click the “Preview” button at the top of the screen to preview it directly. If you want to make additional changes, close the preview window, and you will return to the edit panel.

9- Take out the video

After completing your video, you can now click on “Export Video” at the top of the screen to output it.
In the Output window, choose the video quality you want (480/720/1080), the output speed depends on the length of your video.

Why FlexClip?

FlexClip is used by many YouTubers and TikTok users to quickly and professionally edit their videos.

After my experience with FlexClip, I think that I will use it for videos for my channel, for its quick output of videos, and it contains many great features that make the production fast, easy, but professional at the same time.

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