Flashing Question Mark Folder appears during Mac Startup, fix

When Mac users try to start their computer, they getting grey folder with a question mark icon in center of the screen. It means MacBook can’t find boot directory or hard drive or operating data (may be corrupted) files required to start up.
Did this issue happened after an update or after you installed particular software? So how to fix this problem?
Fix 1:-
Try to start your Mac using a safe boot. Click the power button to turn on the MacBook and hold down shift key on the keyboard. It will automatically run a disk check. So it will take some time to provide login screen.
Fix 2:-
Reset PRAM.
Fix 3:-
Insert Mac OS X installation disc. Start you mac from installation disk and run Disk utility to repair or verify the disk. Then reboot.
Fix 4:-
Hold down “Option” key during startup and choose your hard drive.
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