Fixing the "Cannot Connect to Voicemail" Error on the iPhone

Voice mail works on lot of the iPhone’s. But in some of the iPhone’s like iPhone 4 it display error “Cannot connect to Voicemail. Call your service provider for assistance”. This happened because of the technical issue liked to your customer account.
iPhone Cannot connect to voicemail
I Contacted Telus Mobility for assistance. First they try to sell me their Visual Voicemail feature. I am explained my issue. They solved my problem.

  1. On your iPhone keyboard type *5005*86*———–#. Dash represent 11-digit voice mail number (mostly start with 1 – same as your cellphone number). 
  2. Then tap the call.
  3. Phone screen will flash. Then nothing happened. (Note : Its not make any outgoing call).
  4. Clear the number in the screen by switching favourite or something and press and hold the 1 key. I dialled voice mail. Then it start working.
  5. I knew we dialled our own number to use voicemail. If your service provider fixed that number you need to enter that number.
  6. *#5005*86# code will display current active number.

This method worked for me. If you knew how to fix “Cannot Connect to Voicemail” error on iPhone for unique phone service providers like AT &T, inform us via comment.

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