Fixed: WiFi login page won't load on MacBook

When I try to connect my new MacBook to public WiFi hotspots like college network or hotel WiFi, it won’t load  WiFi hotspot login page and display “connection timed out” error. I used both Chrome and Safari browser but WiFi login screen not appearing. Still, I can connect my iPhone or iPad to the same network. I think my devices only connected to home WiFi network using WPA password, not public networks.
Changing MacBook Pro DNS address does not fix the issue.

Solution 1: Manually choose

Manual network
Go to Apple menu -> turn of your WiFi off -> again turn on WiFi
The network manually chooses the network from the Network Name drop down before it links to that network.
Solution 2: Enter code
Sometimes you may redirect to the login page even after entering something in the login window. If you get rid of redirected mean just type the following URL,
Now you can enter the WiFi password.
Turn off and turn on your WiFi back.
Solution 3: Using Firefox

  1. Remove your WiFi network -> then add it back -> to turn off the option you have to recall login when it requests for references
  2. Or else just start Firefox. Because it will open with a login screen or a banner direct you to log on the screen first, by clicking that button or link you can redirect to the login screen.

Solution 4: Google Public DNS Servers
fixing wifi issues
Go to Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> select DNS. There will be two entry lists and They may be Google’s Public DNS servers, like
Remove the entries with minus button[-]. After clearing them, gray colored IP addresses will pop up automatically. Refresh the browser before going to the login page.
Then select any link in Search domain in the browser, then the term page will appear.
Note: Open Network preferences -> Location -> Edit Locations -> generate a new one > tap [+] plus. Now you can use the location, only if there is anything specified after selecting DNS.
Solution 5: Connect Directly to the Hotspot Router’s IP Address
Tap WiFi icon in the menu bar ->  Open Network Preferences -> Advanced -> TCP/IP -> then click to get the Router’s IP address
Copy and paste router’s address directly in the web browser address bar. Then log in page will appear.
Solution 6: Minus Plus

  1. Tap WiFi icon -> Network preferences -> choose WiFi in the left bar in blue -> press [-] minus button below, to remove the WiFi
  2. Tap [+] plus button -> select the WiFi as your network, it’s not actual WiFi, just add it again -> reconnect WiFi -> the login screen will appear.

Solution 7: If you upgraded to El Capitan
Sometimes using custom DNS like Google DNS may be disturbing the login screen.
Use Network Diagnostics app to fix this issue.

  1. Go to Apple menu -> System Preferences –> Network -> Assist me -> Diagnostics.
  2. When apps open select “WiFi” and click “Continue”.

Solution 8: Replace the files
Turn off your WiFi, replace the coming files to a folder in your Desktop
Then reboot your Mac. Turn the WiFi back on, then connect the network, after which a pop up menu will appear.
Note: If any list that listed above, not open mean go to next list. If it fixes to mean you can delete the files you have moved.
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Solution 9:  Use Assist me
Open System preferences -> Network -> WiFi -> Assist me -> Assistant ->..
After all, set give a new and correct Location. Then answer the further queries and some characteristics have stored in the new location. Save changes and close the window
Other Solutions

  1. If the WiFi gets connected and the WiFi is next to the signal means just type into Safari browser. It will not always work because the router address may differ.
  2. Go to Network settings -> create new location as ‘Automatic’ into ‘Public’
  3. Simply enter
  4. The permanent solution for this is the captive portal system.

If you knew any other solutions to fix “WiFi login page won’t pop up on MacBook Pro or Air” issue, inform us using the comment form.

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