Fixed: Unable to Move or Delete Apps on iPhone 7

A Lot of iPhone 7 users reported this problem “unable to move or delete app and icons on iPhone 7′. When the user presses the App icon it simply asks  if you want to share the app.reset the setting or restart the smartphone does not fix the issue.
Solution 1 : Touch the app icon lightly
In iOS 10 3d touch feature enabled. So if you want to delete or move apps, visit your iPhone Home screen.
touch the app icon lightly and wait few seconds. It will show quick action popup to move or delete the app.
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Solution 2 : Disable 3D Touch
You accidently enabled 3D Touch on your iPhone. So disable 3D touch feature and try to delete or move the apps.

  1. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings -> General -> Accessibility.
  2. Scroll down and press ‘3D Touch’. disable 3D touch on iPhone
  3. Toggle the switch to off position.
  4. Now try to move and delete the apps.

Note : You can’t delete default iOS apps like Clock, Find my iPhone, Settings, Camera, Photo, Messages and App store.

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