Fixed : “The server did not recognize your username/password combination”

When Mac users try to send photos from iPhoto using Mail, they getting popup error message like “The server did not recognize your username/password combination”.
iPhoto username password fail
Solution 1: Delete and re-add email account

  1. Navigate to iPhoto ->Preferences, then click the Account option.
  2. Delete the old email account (ex : MobileMe account) and add a new email/iCloud account (even the email username and password are same).
  3. Then delete the old account.

Solution 2: Generate App specific password
If you enabled two step verification, you need to generate and add a App specific password. You can do this in Manage Apple ID.
Solution 3: Delete and Re-add Mail account password

  1. Open iPhoto.
  2. Choose ‘Preferences’.
  3. Navigate to “Accounts Tab”.
  4. You can see email address listed in left column. Choose it.
  5. Delete the password and enter it again again.
  6. Close the Preference window and save the changes.
  7. Quit/Close iPhoto and relaunch it again.
  8. Now try to send email.

Solution 4: Change the settings

  1. Go to iPhoto -> Preferences.
  2. Choose the General tab and set “email photos using” to “Mail” instead of “iPhoto”.

Solution 5 (for free Yahoo Mail users)

  1. Go to iPhoto Preference -> Accounts tab and delete the Yahoo account.
  2. Click the + icon to add a new email account, and choose email as the type (not facebook).
  3. In next window do not choose Yahoo mail as the mail service for your account. Select OTHER. Then enter information as normal.
  4. Use as a server address.
  5. Uncheck use SSL.

These solutions will solve Gmail, Mobile Me, Yahoo mail issues. If you knew any other solution to fix “The server did not recognize your username/password combination” error, inform us via comment.

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