Fixed: Songs repeating while shuffling a playlist

On my iPhone, I started to play music and I made it shuffle. I paused my song and made to play after few hours or days after. So that I could not listen to the same songs. But this failed and it started to play again after listening to some other music. Here given some solution to fix the issue.

  • This may happen because of the time that has been taken for buffering.

Solution 1: Turn off the red button

  1. Click on the now playing song at the bottom of your device screen
  2. Move up to see the hidden button.
  3. If the repeat button is in red, turn it off.
  4. So that the songs won’t repeat.

red button off
Solution 2: CheckĀ repeat modeĀ 
You can see an icon with two arrows on the top left of the playlist. This icon helps to know whether the repeat mode is in on or off.
Solution 3: Download another app

  1. Downloading another app may solve your problem.
  2. Ecoute Beautiful Music Player app this app helped to shuffle the songs properly.
  3. Cesium music player app shuffles well without any repeat songs frequently.

Note: This may not connect to iTunes and create some problem.
Solution 4: Click on Up Next
clear up next

  1. Clear the “Up Next” and add song list to Up Next.
  2. You can again clear and add the list again.
  3. This may solve this issue.

Note: Updating your device may help to solve the problem.
Solution 5: Change the Shuffle option
Change the shuffle option to direct playing. Then after playing one or two songs and again switch to shuffle again. This worked for me.
Note: Tell Siri to “shuffle all my music”. Siri may help to solve this issue.
Solution 6: Delete the songs in Queue
delete song from queue

  1. Create a random playlist on your Mac desktop.
  2. On your phone Select ->Queue ->delete.
  3. By deleting this Queue, the songs may not repeat on your playlist.

Note: The repeat is on the first setting, not the second one.
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