Fixed: Messages app won't open on Mac

In this technological world we mostly rely on messages. Are we see and chitchat with our friends daily? A great “NO”. We are conversing via messages but if message apps will not work in your Mac means how it could be? Not fair. But no more worries, because we have plenty of quick fixes for this. Let’s try any solution that we have discussed below and get engage on your chat.
Solution 1: Close all apps
A common thing that everyone does is close all apps that you have open. Ridiculously it works out sometime.
Solution 2: Ruin in iPod
Sometime you need to restore the messages as a new device without backup or syncing. Now open your message apps, if it works out then there is something ruin your iPod, also that has been stored in backup.
If it so then you should restore backup as a new one. Restore as many data you can store as new iPod but without applying backup and start over.
Solution 3: Close it forcefully
If above method won’t work out means, close it forcefully from the home screen, then double- tap the home button. After which place the messages in the list at bottom, then tap and hold it till it wiggles or jerk, tap – button, now tap the home button. It may work try this.
Solution 4: To log out
Logout account
Go to Messages > Preferences > Accounts, in this sometimes you may logged out.
Solution 5: Email ID a problem
iMessage AppleID signout
Sometimes you may give several email to create your Apple ID, that time you may connect your phone number to the computer if your Mac asked you if you need to connect it. It may causes the message jam.
To resolve from that you have to go to, Settings > Messages Send & Receive > then add Apple email address or addresses.
If this your case one more step to do, that you have to remove your computer from “device being used” in your iPhone. For that go to
Settings > iCloud > tap on your ID or Username > Devices > then remove your computer.
Solution 6: Via Flash Player
Open storage Flash playerBased on the reports that Flash Player may prevent i Message. So,
Go to System Preferences > Flash Player > Storage > Block all sites storing information on this computer.
Then Close the Preference pane. Then restart your Mac.
Solution 7: Logout from iCloud
You have to disable the iCloud. Go to system Preferences > iCloud. Make all the features in the right to be disable. Then sign out from your account.
Solution 8: First Aid Section
Go to Launch Disk Utility then select boo table partition. Then move to First Aid Section. Then run Repair permissions on that volume.
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 Solution 9: Reset Key chain Access

  1. Block out the i Message and Face time.
  2. Then reset your Key chain access app > Preferences > “ Reset My Default Key chain”.
  3. Remove your iCloud account from the User account on the Mac System Preferences > Users & Groups > “{your name}” account > Apple ID (change) > then select account and click – (minus) button. No need to save.
  4. Go in to re-add your Apple ID in user account.
    Note: If it is not be successful then sign out of your iCloud in System Preferences and restart your system. Then sign back after reboot.

Other fixes to try:
1.Delete all local data and reboot.
2.Delete all data after which move the radio button to “ask” instead of ”block” then restart.
3.After junk all website data in Safari Preferences restart the app. Try this if you haven’t installed Flash Player in your system.
4.Log out of your Mac book Pro remove all calendar and other data when it stored in iCloud. Note : in this case your desktop i Mac work with i Messages, specially can chat in SMS/MMS, but not in iChat. Also it will work on iPad and phone to phone, but not with MBP to other of above devices.
5.Sometimes you need to update, for that go to iCloud settings and choose notes and email. 6.After which you have to create an @me account or @icloud. After doing so enter the @icloud address as secondary or additional email address for your iMessage.
7.Too simple just restart your system.
8.You can also use one of the common maintenance applications such as CleanMyMac.
9.Uninstall Flash. If the problem occurs after update Flash.
If you knew any other solutions about “Messages app won’t open on Mac”, inform via comment.

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