Fixed : MacBook Pro Won’t Turn on

Before a year, one of the users bought a new MacBook Pro. Suddenly, it won’t turn on. But no sound occurred. Tried several methods like checked the battery indicator, taking out RAM, plugged the battery out, plug into the charger and insert the battery still issue persists.
Try the below suggestions to resolve the issue.
Solution 1: Use a different battery
Try to use a different battery for turn on the MacBook Pro.
Solution 2: For newer models
Newer models won’t turn on with no battery when plugging into power source.
Note: Old Macbook models needs a battery to be charged to turn on.
Solution 3: Try different wall socket
Connect your MacBook Pro into a different wall socket to resolve the issue.
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Solution 4: Use Eraser to clean Mac
Open Macbook and clean RAM using the eraser and other parts. Now, insert the RAM and turn on it worked.
Note: Don’t touch teeth-like part just clean it with an eraser.
Solution 5: Press all keys on Keyboard
Put a hand on Keyboard with a gentle pressure and swipe it from right to left, and press number of keys on the keyboard at the same time.
Hope this post help you to turn on your Macbook Pro.

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