Fixed : iPhone won't sync with Outlook contacts or calendar

To solve the problem of iPhone contacts and home calendar not sync with outlook contacts and calendar. We have some of the methods used by experts to solve this problem. Though the problem is same the solution may differ based on the user’s usage and situation when and how was the problem identified.
Fix 1: Sign out and sign in iCloud account

  • We can go to settings ->iCloud. Scroll down the bottom and sign out.
  • In next step, settings -> General -> Reset ->Reset Network settings.
  • Now phone should restart
  • After restart settings ->iCloud. Log back into iCloud account again.

The problem is fixed and many experts are happy and agree with this method.
Fix 2:-

  • Download iCloud control panel
  • Setup PC to iCloud synchronize
  • Apple-iCloud-Learn how to setup iCloud on all your devices.

When we setup control panel and sync PC to iCloud all the changes or entries we make is seen in all devices. It is better when we sync only data other than multimedia files iPhone.
Fix 3:-
This method is for those who don’t want to use iCloud

  • Just open iTunes app on Mac and click iPhone in tab
  • We have to Uncheck sync calendars with outlook and sync
  • Again go back to the same option now check sync calendars with outlook and sync.

This might solve your problem.
Fix 4:-
In some case, the iCloud add-in have been stopped for any reason. sometimes, security software downloaded on our computer may also does it. To fix this problem follow the steps below.

  • In outlook 2010, file -> options
  • Go for add-ins option above the trust center
  • We must have iCloud add-in in Active applications section rather if we see it in Disabled applications section.
  • We can go down to the tab at the bottom next to word manage and click disabled items.
  • Click iCloud add-in select Enable then OK everything exit outlook.

When we go back to outlook we must be able to sync with iCloud and move items into iCloud or iPhone.
Fix 5:-
When new mail account was created in Windows 7 and that account asserting itself as default, the pre existing default PC based contact list/outlook data file are dissolved, which in turn removed PC based contact list to disappear from iPhone. This method is used in such case.

  • In Windows 7 control panel select mail -> data files
  • Select the desired outlook data file to be default, click set as default. Outlook was then able to sync iPhone contacts in to PC as it was earlier.

Fix 6:-
When the problem is due to change in default settings of our account or settings of our account was not working.

  • We can Remove our Gmail account.
  • Then again Add our Gmail account
  • Two step verification is executed again and the problem is fixed.

If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone won’t sync with Outlook contacts or calendar”, inform us using comment form.

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4 responses to Fixed : iPhone won't sync with Outlook contacts or calendar

Is there any way to sync Outlook notes without using iCloud? Time to time I use it to save some sensitive information related to my business and don't want it to be God only knows where. It would be perfect if you show me the way how to make 2 way syncing.

Although I had iTunes set to sync with outlook, apparently my iphone was set to sync with cloud and overruled it. When I turned off "contacts" in my iPhone's cloud settings, it finally didn't bring in icloud's version of my contacts (which has contacts I deleted 6 years ago).
Now, if I could just find a way to get Outlook to overwrite my iCloud! LOL!

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