Fixed : iPhone Volume Buttons or Ringer Not Working

Lot of iPhone users reported this issue. Suddenly iPhone side buttons not working. when users try to change the iPhone volume, little speaker picture does not even show up.  Can’t hear any incoming calls, message notification sound.
Solution 1:  Your iPhone maybe on silent mode
Sometimes this issue happened because your turned on mute option. Unmute it to fix this problem.
Solution 2: Use warm air into charing port.
Put your mouth over the iPhone charing port and blew warm air into it.
Solution 3: Check if your device stuck in Headphone mode
If your iPhone stuck in headphone mode, it will prevent user from hearing sound. So check if your iOS device stuck in headphone mode. If its stuck in headphone mod, fix the issue.
Solution 4: Check if the Airplane mode is turned on
Sometimes this issue happened when your turned on Airplane mode, If your turned it on, disable it.
If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone ringer not working” issue, inform us using comment form.

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