Fixed : iPhone Speaker Not Working

Even we can bear with slow internet connection but we cannot tolerate speaker problem in our iPhone. Because the main purpose to have any kind of phone is to make call. To play games, to use internet is secondary but the primary intention of phone is make call too.
Now here comes the problem that speaker in your iPhone sometimes will not be working properly. I know that will be much annoying and frustrating some times. But don’t worry here I have listed the possible methods to come out of this problem.
What are the Symptoms??
When some call comes to you can’t hear through the receiver or receiver phone and at that side also you cannot hear any voice.
Earlier version of the iPhone have sometimes have this issue. Because it has dock connector to it’s left. Any debris in the speaker may lead to that problem.
You will get ring but will not be able to hear the sound.
There will not be any sound in calls, apps.
What is the Solution?
Solution 1: Check the ring/silent switch

  • Make sure that there is no audio jack connected to the iPhone.
  • Make sure that Ring/Silent switch is not turned to silent.

Solution 2: Remove lint in the headset port
At the home screen there will be the option for adjusting the volume. At this volume button, if it indicates that the audio jack is plugged icon, then there may be some debris or any other object got stuck in the head set.
If you find any debris like lint in the headset port, then try to remove them by inserting pair of headset to it.
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Solution 3: Check the receiver mesh
Now check the receiver mesh, if it looks blocked then use soft clean brush to clean it.
Solution 4: Turn off the Bluetooth headset
If you have paired with any Bluetooth headset then turn it off by using following command.
Settings → General→ Bluetooth
Now restart the iPhone.
Solution 5: Reset or Restore your iPhone
To reset the iPhone, hold the sleep and home buttons together until the logo of apple appears.
To restore your iPhone, Click the Restore button under the summary tab. It will automatically back up the default information
Solution 6: Put your iPhone in Airplane mode

Some times glitch may occurred in it. So put your iPhone in Airplane Mode for 5 minutes. After doing this restart the iPhone.
Solution 7: Turn off/on bluetooth
One of the successful method is to do the following repeatedly,
Settings → Bluetooth→ Toggle on and off for 30-40 seconds.
At this time there may be some glitches, if you toggle like this, it will eliminate the temporary glitches.
Solution 8: Put iPhone in rice
This may occurred due to some major reason like moisture inside the speaker, But don’t worry you can come out of this problem by following the below method.
Put your iPhone in rice for 24 hours, this may take up the moisture present in the iPhone.
Make sure that you have switched off the iPhone and removed the sim card from the iPhone.
Solution 9: Use hair dryer (if your iPhone is wet)
If you are in hurry berry then no problem, you can use hair dryer to dry your iPhone, are you shocked??? yes but it will really work out. Try this out.
Be careful while using the hair dryer, apply the heat to the bottom right corner where the speaker is located.
Keep the hair dryer at the lowest heat setting and keep it far away from the iPhone.
Solution 10: Check the silent switch
This is simple mistake everyone make. Make sure that the exterior of the iPhone is not switched to silent mode which is orange in color. This is simple step many people miss but works quick.

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