Fixed: iPad stopped working & will not turn on

One of the users has an iPad mini. It was working fine for twelve hours ago. After that, the user tried to turn it on. But it won’t turn on. Tried different methods like replugging it, using the iPhone 5 cord,  pressing the home and power button simultaneously, connecting iPad to the computer and try to restore it and tried reinstalling iTunes but nothing works.
Try the below suggestions to resolve the iPad issue.
Solution 1: Hold Power and Home button
power and home button
Just hold down the Power and Home button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Now you see Apple logo on the screen. It will work.
Note: Do a hard reset.
Solution 2: Replace the chip
Replace the U2 chip if it fails.
Solution 3: (Suggested by Brendan Mills)

  • Look inside the dock connector and clean the dirty parts.
  • Connect iPad mini on an AC wall charger.

AC wall charger

  • Send your iPad back to Apple. If it is covered under warranty.
  • You will not pay any amount for repairs.

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Solution 4: Charge your iPad
Check whether your charger and cable are working effectively. Choose the correct charger model for your particular device. Use 10w or 12w chargers. Leave the iPad for charging at least to one hour.
Note: Try to use different charging cable.
Other solutions:
Just put the iPad mini underarm to warm it for less than one minute it will turn on.
If still the issue persists take your iPad to the nearest Apple store. 
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