Fixed: iPad Mini Not Compatible for Netflix

 Netflix is purpose app. Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming service used on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Users with the Netflix account can virtually watch all the movies and TV shows on these devices. However, sometimes Netflix gives different errors like constantly loading, problems in connecting, or even app incompatibility. Here is, How to fix the Netflix to iPad Mini.
Solution 1:-
1: Go to Settings.
2: Click General -> Reset option.
3: Select Reset all Setting or Network Setting.

Solution 2:-
1: Uninstall the Netflix App.
2: Go to App Store and Tab the purchase option.
3: You will get Netflix App and click to download(i.e select old version, old version are most compatible with iPad Mini)
4: Then, install it.
Solution 3:-
1: First, Check the Date and Time. (i.e if it is wrong)
2: Go to Settings.
3: Tap the Date and time, Set the Date and time.

Solution 4:-
1: Check the Network Connection or Wifi (i.e, if it is connected in wifi, go step 2).
2: Go to Settings and check the Wifi are connect or disconnect.
3: If it is connected, click to Turn OFF for few seconds then Turn ON.
Solution 5:-
1: Uninstall the Netflix App.
2: Then, Restart the iPad mini.
Solution 6:-
1: If you already logged in Netflix then log out it.
2: Uninstall ( half hour) and install the NetFlix App.
       Use the same changes for the iPad,iPhone, and iPod. Change the option and enjoy the Netflix App to watch movie, videos and something else.

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