Fixed : iCloud Backup Not working After iOS 9 Upgrade

All iPhone users would like to update their device often. On updating latest iOS 9 version in iPhone and iPad the users have found some issues like 3G/LTE, WIFI not working and one among this issues is iCloud backup not working after upgrading iOS to iOS 9 version. To overcome this issue, we are going discuss some possible fix in this article.
Fix 1 : Sign out iCloud account and sign in back 
In some case there may be a bug in the iPhone, which can be fixed by simple sign out and signing in back again. This can solve the problem without any trouble. It is a simple trick and if does not work we can further move on to other possible fixes.
Fix 2 : Resetting Network Settings

  • We can select settings-> General option.
  • By scrolling to the bottom click Reset -> Reset Network Settings, found as third option in the menu
  • To reset it ask for passcode feed it and confirm.

This fix can work if there is a problem in settings, if it doesn’t work we can go for another fix related to this issue.
Fix 3 : Deleting Older iCloud Backups

  • We can select settings -> iCloud .
  • From the menu that appears select storage -> Manage Storage option.
  • We get the list of our backup from which we can select and delete, those we do not want -> select Delete Backup.

This can solve the issue if we are getting “not enough storage” errors and if the problem still continues then check if any new iOS update is available.
Fix 4 : Disable automatic backup of few apps
Although we have enough free space in iCloud, we may face problem in backing up iPhone. It is because of the size of apps that we backup. We can disable few apps that we backup by the following steps.

  • We can select Settings app -> iCloud.
  • From the menu that appears select Storage -> Manage storage.
  • We can notice list of apps and their size under the DOCUMENTS & DATA.
  • If we wish to turnoff the app that are not important and also occupies heavy storage space, we have to go back to iCloud and select iCloud drive ->Turn off the app that is not needed.
  • After disabling the app we can go back to iCloud settings -> select Photos
  • From the menu that appears turn off iCloud photo Library, My Photostream and iCloud Photo Sharing, which will delete all shared photos from our iPhone.

Fix 5 : Update to iOS 9.0.2 or new version
The minor bug fixes are overcome in the new updates of the iOS version 9.0.1 and 9.0.2. We can update to the latest version in order to fix the issues. To do so we can select, settings -> General -> Software Update and install the latest iOS 9.0.2. This Upgrade will resolve the iCloud issue for sure as it is mentioned that the iCloud issue has been fixed in the new update.
Fix 6 : Factory Resetting iPhone    
We can go for this option if updating software also is not working but before doing so we have to backup iPhone using iTunes. In order to reset iPhone device,

  • We have to select settings->General.
  • From the menu that appears scroll down to bottom select Reset -> ”Erase all content and settings”.
  • It may ask for passcode to confirm, enter the passcode and reset the process.

If you knew any other solution to solve “iCloud backup not working after iOS 9 upgrade” inform us via comment.

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