Fixed : iCal is stuck on "Moving calendars to server account"

iCal users getting “Moving calendars to server account” panel when they open iCal app.  All options grayed out in iCal app and in iCloud system preferences panel.
Rebooting or turning off/on iCal app not fix this issue.
Solution 1: Unlink and re-add iCloud account

  1.  First force quit iCal app and reminders.
  2. Unlink reminders and calendars from iCloud on your Mac system : Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> iCloud -> Uncheck Calendars and Reminders.
  3. It will ask you ” If you want to delete reminder events and calendars from your system”. Choose yes. Because you have  up-to-date copy in your iCloud account.
  4. Launch iCal app. It will no longer display “Moving calendars to server account” error message.
  5.  Now add iCloud account to iCal.  iCal app -> Calendar -> Add Account -> iCloud -> Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  6. Wait some minutes to update. Now you can see your iCloud calendar events without message.
  7. Close iCal app and launch Reminders.
  8. Add iCloud account to reminders. Reminders-> Calendar -> Add Account -> iCloud -> Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  9. Check the two apps by adding demo/test calendar events and reminders. And check them in your iPhone and MacBook Pro.

Solution 2: If unchecking the Calendars and Reminders options is not available for you
Clearing the Calendar Cache will enable the solution 1 option.

  1.  On your Mac, navigate into Finder
  2.  Choose Go Menu
  3.  Choose Library Folder in the drop down menu (if you can’t see the Library Folder, also press the option key while in dropdown menu. The folder should appear).
  4.  Choose the Calendar folder.
  5.  Delete the file named Calendar Cache

Note : Close and open System Preferences settings to get the option.
If you knew any other solutions to solve iCal is stuck on “Moving calendars to server account” message, inform us via comment.

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I am unable to use Office 2010 beuasce all of the Appointments I have linked to contacts don't show up on the Activities tab. I continue to use Office 2003 for this reason. If this isn't fixed in Office 2013 I won't buy it. I can't use Office 2003 forever as it won't install on Windows 8. Please Microsoft, FIX THIS, these types of changes can be crippling.

Hi, I have tried all of the above and nothing works, the message is still appearing and I can't do anything with the calendar app.
I don't use Calendar with my iCloud account so it is not linked, I have tried linking it and removing it but still no luck.
Any other suggestions? It works fine on my Macbook Pro but not on my iMac.
Many thanks,

Neither option worked. Solution 2 made Calendar crash constantly until I retrieved and replace the cache I was instructed to trash.

Unchecking iCloud did not work, but deleting the cache worked…temporarily. Once I tried to add the icloud account, the "moving calendars to server account" message came back. 🙁

None of the solutions have worked for me either. I'm stuck. All my appointments gone! At this point, I'm just trying to restore calendar functionality at this point and WILL NOT ATTEMPT pushing to the cloud again and just sync my devices old school as I've been doing all along. Any ideas?

OMG – thank you – deleting the calendar Cache worked for me when all other suggestions have failed. WTF Apple! Get your Icloud working properly. ICloud has stuffed up so many things including making the internet slow in my office if my phone is plugged into work wifi – slow as it updates the Icloud files and syncs! Ahhhhhh!!!

This sucks!! I removed the cashes and now all my events disappeared. The calendar works now without freezing, but what's the point if the events are all gone?
How (if I can) do I get those saved calendar events back?
I had never signed onto i-cloud after upgrading to Sierra, did it automatically sync my files to i-cloud if I didn't sign on to it?

Also none of these things worked for me. Also tried (based on another blog's advice) making a dummy user account, opening the calendar, and then going back to the main user… Anyway. No change.

Oh crap. I followed the first set of instructions, but the same stuck "Moving Calendars…" notice was there again. No difference. I went on to the second option, deleting the cache from the Library, and now iCal crashes immediately after it opens. Help!?

I've tried everything suggested. My calendar events are gone, and I still have the same problem with the ical app hanging while 'moving calendars to server account'. If I ever get this working, pretty sure I'll never use iCloud again.

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