Fixed: High Sierra Contacts Not Working Issue

Users have plenty of issues after updating High Sierra. One of my users experienced that his Contacts on Mac couldn’t work. He disabled the Contacts in iCloud because he stored his contacts there. After uncheck he can witness the contacts, but while enabling contacts again the bug occurred.
Let’s see how to get rid of this issue.
To do first
Restart your system

  • Just check that your Contacts app is work or not. For that
  • Launch System Preferences -> Users & Groups, in this generate a New User.
  • Log out of your system, then log in with another username, this will solve the issue.
  •  Even you can use Fast User Switching.

Note: Because if there are many storages in your user means, that may cause this kind of issues.
Fix 1: Disable SIPS

  • Reboot your system in recovery mode.
  • Turn SIPS off. It will show as “csrutil disable”.
  • Then reboot your Mac.
  • Try to load your Contacts App.
  • Unload will suggest you to run
  • “launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchAgents/”

Fix 2: Delete AddressBook

  • Close Contacts App.
  • Launch library -> Preference / Applications / Containers / Caches.
  • Open those four files listed above separately in Library, to check if anything there in the name with addressbook.
  • If you find any files names with addressbook, just delete it.
  • Launch System Preferences -> iCloud -> uncheck the Contacts.
  • Then restart your system.
  • Launch System Preferences -> iCloud -> check the Contacts when your system booting the backup.

Fix 3: Restart in Safe Mode

  • Open System Preferences -> then log out from your icloud account.
  • Then log off your Mac, let it for some time.
  • Then restart your Mac in Safe Mode.

Note: After hearing the startup tone hold down the Shift button till the Apple logo appears, then let it boot up.

  • Now try to find the contacts in Safe Mode.
  • Now turn on your Message app to check the contacts works or not.
  • Then archive the contacts from iCloud and restore it again.
  • Then drag  library -> Preference / Applications / Containers / Caches these files to desktop.
  • But don’t uncheck the iCloud on System Preferences.
  • Now reopen your Contacts.

Fix 4: Via Disk Utility

  • While restarting, just boot into the Recovery Mode by hold down the Command R.
  • Then go to Disk Utility -> run First Aid.
  • Just check that your drive has changed into HFS+ Mac OS Extended Journaled or APFS in Disk Utility or not.
  • If it so then chooses to reinstall your macOS.

Note: This won’t delete your personal data, but you don’t forget to take a backup always
Fix 5: Export & Import

  • Sign in to -> Contacts.
  • If you have all up to date contacts on, then just export it to vCard.
  • Because via that vCard you can download your contacts on your mac, after fixing the bug.
  • Now erase all the contacts on your
  • After contacts are deleted, now import the contacts from the vCard to your mac, also to
  • Now you can witness the MacBook Pro address book will open

Fix 6: Check Two Accounts

  • Backup your data. Then delete and reinstall macOS.
  • Then launch System Preferences -> Internet Account -> in that just check contact boxes in both Webmail Account and iCloud Account.

Note: Webmail Account and iCloud Account will download your contacts automatically.
Fix 7:  iCloud Preference Pane

  • Launch System -> iCloud Preference Pane -> in that check the box straight to Contacts.
  • If you already checked, then uncheck it.
  • Then reboot your system, again recheck the Contacts in iCloud Preference Pane.

Fix 8: Backup Addressbook

  • Launch User’s Library, after closed the Contacts App -> Application Support -> AddressBook.
  • Then backup the entire AddressBook folder.
  • After which Trash the “AddressBook-v22.abcddb file”.
  • Now restart the Contacts on Mac., you can witness contacts app now.

Note: User’s Library is unseen in your Mac to find that

  • Just choose Finder -> in the menu bar tap on Under Go -> then hold down the Option button to see User’s Library. Or
  • Go to Finder -. View menu -> check, “Show View options” box.

Fix 9: Restore Contacts

  • Sign in to your
  • Then launch Settings -> Advanced -> restore your Contacts.
  • Now you can witness that your contacts are restored from your previous backup.

Note: Contacts saved after the backup will not turn up.
If you have any other solutions for this issue, let us know via your valuable comments.

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