Fixed : Handoff and AirDrop Not Working in El Capitan, iOS

After upgrading to OS X 10.11 El Capitan, lot of Mac users reported Handoff and AirDrop features are not working between iPhone (iOS 9.0.2) and Macbook Pro. Logging out and logging in both devices not fix this issue.
But AirDrop and Handoff features working fine in iPhone 5S and MacBook Air.
Solution 1: Delete Mac Bluetooth preferences file

  1. Turn off / Disable Bluetooth on Mac.
  2. Delete the Bluetooth preference file. In finder, choose Go -> Go to Folders.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth.

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Solution 2:  Rest Mac SMC and PRAM 

  1. Reset both SMC and PRAM 
  2. If AirDrop is working fine but Handoff is not? Sign out of iCloud account on Mac and iPhone.
  3. Then Sign in to iCloud account on iPhone.
  4. Sign in to iCloud on Mac.

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Other Fixes:-

  • Disable and enable Bluetooth, WiFi and firewall.
  • Reset network settings on iPhone and iPad : Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
  • In your WiFi router, change it from Wireless Encryption WPA2 (Mixed) to Wireless Encryption WPA2(AES).

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2 responses to Fixed : Handoff and AirDrop Not Working in El Capitan, iOS

Running iOs 9.1 on iPhone 6 Plus and El Capitan on Mac Book Air Mid 2012. Handoff would work from iPhone to Mac but would not work from Mac to iPhone. Reset network settings on iPhone and as soon as iPhone rebooted Handoff started working flawlessly.

We have a mid 2015 iMac, iPhones 6S & SE, iPads 4 and Air2
The iMac has 2 user accounts using separate apple ID's. one phone and one iPad uses one ID and the other two, the other ID.
Handoff & airdrop work every which way between one account on the iMac, 6S and air2. ( same Apple ID).
Airdrop also works with the SE and all the above. (Different Apple ID).
Handoff and airdrop works every which way between the other iMac account, SE and
iPad 4. (Same Apple ID)
For love nor money, I cannot get the ipad 4 to airdrop to or from the iMac where the Apple ID's differ.
There are two separate plists, one for each account. Have deleted both. Done SMC etc. and all the other fixes.
Can't be doing with signing out of iCloud. That's a bridge too far to repopulate everything.
One would have thought if nearly everything works, all would work!!

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