Fixed: Fitbit dongle not recognized Windows 10

Recently, I inserted the dongle into the port and can’t able to see the device. A message displayed that dongle not detected in Windows 10. Tried different methods like reinserting but the same message will be displayed.
Try the below suggestions to resolve the dongle issue.
Solution 1: Restart the Fit bit functions
Go to your control panel and open the services window. There are two restart functions. Once you can restart that your dongle will show up.
Solution 2: Connect the Dongle in different USB ports
dongle USB ports
Try to connect the Dongle in different USB ports. You can also try to connect it to another computer.
If you have Dongle inserted in the same port for a few months ago you can try to uninstall Fitbit Connect.
Solution 3: Check the troubleshoot problems
Go to control panel below that select devices and printers. It will display Fitbit was connected in. Right-click on that and select troubleshoot. It shows some scans and it also stated that a driver was not installed. Click on the fix and installed the driver. Now, the Fitbit dongle will recognize.
Note: Take a look at the Fitbit help site for further assistance and information.
If the issue still remains, please contact for free the Fitbit Support Team.
Solution 4: Update the Fitbit charge

  1. Open an iPad and update the Fitbit charge.
  2. Place all your mobile devices that contain the Fitbit App in Airplane mode.
  3. Re-open the Finder again.
  4. Go to the Menu Bar in the iMac and open Fitbit App.

Solution 5: Install Fitbit Connect Software
Install Fitbit Connect
If you desire to use the dongle to sync, first need to install the Fitbit Connect Software. Go into and tab on PC and select ‘Download for Windows’.
Note: Another method to sync the dongle connects the Fitbit in the Classic Mode.
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Solution 6: Reinstall the Software
If the above procedure won’t work, reinstall the Software. Till your accessory is still not recognized you might want to contact Customer Support for further assistance.
Restart your PC.
Put your phone in airplane mode.
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