Fixed : Final Cut Pro X not uploading video to YouTube failed

Lot of Mac users face this problem. They can’t upload their video yo YouTube via share tab.
Sometimes they getting error message like “Publishing to YouTube failed because the username or password was invalid” even they enter right YouTube username and password.
Solution 1: Turn off Google 2 step verification
If you setup 2 step verification for your Gmail account, turned it off.
Solution 2: If you getting error message that your YouTube account not linked
Unlink your YouTube account from Google Plus account (One Apple community user suggested.

  1. Log into your YouTube account.
  2.  Select Settings.
  3.  Scroll down the bottom of the page and find “Third party tools”.
  4.  You can see the username to use on FCPX. User name is .…………………
  5.  make sure setup password.

Solution 3: Use your Gmail
Use your Gmail as user name in Final cut pro.
Ex ; john Here john is a user name.
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Solution 4: Remove + symbol in password
Remove any + sysmbol in your You/tube password and only set/use numbers and letters in password.
Solution 5: Remove your Gmail account from Chrome and safari.
Solution 6: Make sure create “My channel” first in YouTube to upload video from Final cut pro x.
If you knew any other solutions to solve “can’t upload video to YouTube using FCPX app”, inform us using comment form.

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Hello. I have a Mac computer and the Final Cut Pro X software. This software isn't allowing me to upload a 6 minute video onto Facebook. When I go to "File," click "Share," then Facebook, my email address is already shown up. I put in my correct password and it's still giving me a problem saying, "Invalid OAuth access token signature. (190)" I know this is the correct password because I recently went on my Facebook account. If you can help me out, that'd be appreciated.

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