Fixed : com.hp.devicemodel.TransportProxy using High CPU

After updating MacBook pro to OS X Yosemite, fans running crazy and com.hp.devicemodel.TransportProxy using high cpu usage up to 300%. It was a driver for an HP printer/device.
Fix 1:- Delete unfinished printer entries
Go to Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Printers and scanners preferences and delete the various entries of trouble maker printer from the list.
It take few minutes for the MacBook pro to cool down.
Note : In  System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners panel, double-click the HP print queue to open it.  Choose each unfinished job in the window that opens, then click the X button on the right to delete it.
Fix 2: Uninstall HP software
Uninstall the HP software by using  HP uninstaller. MacBook Pro ventilation will slowed down immediately after you complete uninstallation process.
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Fix 3: Update or reinstall driver
Try  to update or reinstall the drivers for HP devices. Then try reset the SMC (it will fix fan problems).

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