Fixed: error 500 – App Store

Mac App Store, it helps to download the latest version to our Macbook.  This App store is a digital distribution platform to browse the apps, buy the apps and updates the apps. Sometimes we get an error to notify by updating the apps. Here we go fix with some step of solutions.
Solution 1:-  Clear the files in Cache 

  • On the Menu -> Go -> Go to the folder.

  • A window will appear with a blank box, type /var/db/crls/ then click on the GO button.

  •  crls window will open, click the crlcache2.db and move to the trash file.

  • Enter the administration password, if it is prompted.
  • Restart the Macbook.
  • Sign-in to the iTunes, or App Store, or Mac Book Stores.

Solution 2:- Reset PRAM

  • Reset the PRAM, It allows the devices to recover from the instability issues.
  • Hold and Press Command + Option (Alt) + P + R, these four keys to Reset the PRAM ( Parallel Random Access Memory) and restart the Macbook.
  • Now the MacBook will restart normally with a complete installation of the Software.

The above solutions may fix with the error problem and make sure that the date and time are correct or else set the date and time to connect automatically. Hope is useful to those are in trouble with error problem in the App Store.

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