Fixed: Can’t delete Voicemail on iPhone

Cannot delete voice mail on iPhone

Nowadays, many iPhone users are facing the problem of “ Can’t delete the Voicemail message” permanently. If it gets deleted, then it automatically backs up onto an iPhone again. Here, I’m gonna tell you some solutions to fix the issue. Then follow the upcoming steps to solve the problem on your iPhone.

Solution No:1 Delete the Voicemail Message in Phone App

The foremost common solution to fix this problem is to turn on airplane mode and delete the voicemail in the phone app. This method works like a magic & succeeded in the iPhone.

  1. Close all the Apps. Turn On the Airplane Mode.
  2. Then go to the Phone App.
  3. And click Voicemail then select the voicemail to delete from the list.
  4. After this process, click the Delete option.
  5. Now turn off the Airplane Mode.

These five steps are the solution for can’t delete voicemail issue. Now you can solve your problem and in future, the same problem occurs you can easily solve it.

If the above steps are not worked in your iPhone, then follow the further steps below. Before following the steps, backing up your phone data is necessary because nowhere going to reset your phone. So there is a chance to erase all documents and files on your phone. So it must take backup of all your data.

Solution No:2 Reset All Settings

Try this reset-all settings method to solve the voicemail issue on iPhone. It will definitely solve your issue with your iPhone. To do that,

1. Now launch Settings and click the General option.
2. Then select the Reset option at the bottom.
3. After that, choose Reset All Settings.
4. In that, again tap on Reset Now option to confirm the action.
Reset all settings on iPhone

Now all the voicemail was cleared in your phone. After completing this process you just recover all your files and documents. Now the phone storage space cleared, so you saved more files and data on your iPhone.


  1. Clear the deleted Voicemail Message – Sometimes deleted voicemail messages will reappear on the iPhone. So, if you want to delete permanently on your iPhone. Then follow the steps to clear the deleted voicemail. To do that,
  • Go to the Phone App on your iPhone. And tap on Voicemail.
  • Then choose the Deleted Message and you can see the Deleted option, select that one.
  • Now, Tap on the Clear All option to delete the message.

Guys, these are the simplest method to clear the voicemail on iPhone. And if you have any other solution to fix this problem. Then tell me in the comment box. Thank you…

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