Fixed : “Bluetooth Not Available” Error on Mac

If we have problem, “Bluetooth not available” message and cannot work with Bluetooth in Mac, we need to resolve this problem. Here are we with some of the methods and steps to fix this problem.
bluetooth not available error Mac
Fix 1: Creates new plist file for Bluetooth configuration
First exit app or system preference that is running on Mac and trying to establish Bluetooth connection.

  1. In OS X finder, press command+shift+G. Then you have “Go to folder“ dialog box where you can type “/Library/Preferences”.
  2. Then Search for all file with extension “com.Apple.Bluetooth.plist” in the menu that appears and delete all of them. Library-Preferences-on-Mac
  3. On returning to desktop, click shut down in Apple menu.
  4. Restart the Mac device after sometime and try re-sync with the Bluetooth device.

Following this steps will create new plist file for Bluetooth configuration. This will fix Bluetooth connectivity issues in Mac.
Fix 2: Reboot SMC (System Management Controller)
Resetting SMC, is different for different Mac. For Macbook and Macbook Pro with removable batteries.

  1. First shutdown the Mac and remove batteries and power adaptor. After pressing power button for about ten seconds replace the battery and power adaptor. Turn on Macbook/Macbook Pro and boot it as usual.
  2. For Macbook and Macbook Pro with non removable batteries. So turn off the Mac and attach power cord. Press control +shift+option keys and power button together.
  3. After releasing the buttons boot Mac as usual. For iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini, should turn off Mac and release the power cord.
  4. Press hold the power button for 5-10 seconds. Attach the power cord and boot Mac as usual.

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Fix 3: Reset PRAM

  1. Turn off iMac.
  2. Turn back and quickly press option+command+P+R before the grey scale appears.
  3. Our system will reboot  and release.

Fix 4 : Remove and reconnect USB devices

  1. Shut down Mac and remove all USB devices connected to it for about two minutes.
  2. Start up  the Mac once again and reconnect all USB devices.

If you knew any other solutions to fix “Bluetooth Not Available” Error on Mac, inform us via comment.

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