Fixed: Apple TV “An error occurred loading this content. Try again Later”

Apple TV error occurred loading

Recently, I get a notification while trying to download or watch movies on Apple tv 2. That is “An error occurred loading this content. Try again later”.  After that, I started trying some of the ideas that were suggested to me. Here there are the Solutions that helped me to reset this problem. Let’s start it.

Solution 1: HDMI handshake problem

This method worked for me well. So you can also try this one.

  • First, you have to Unplug the HDMI cables from the tv as well as Apple TV.
  • Then turn off the Powers of tv and Apple tv.
  • And let it stay still for about 30-60 seconds.
  • Spigot HDMI cables when the power is off.
  • After that turn on the tv power and then ATV power.

Solution 2: Changing the settings of HDMI output

  • In the audio and video section, switch the HDMI output from Auto to YCbCr.

Solution 3: Connect the internet cable to the ATV directly

  • I noticed that the 10/100 5 port is sending the internet to a variety of devices, including ATV2.
  • I disconnected the feed from the switch and plugged it directly into the ATV2, without unplugging or rebooting the ATV2 the problem went away.

Solution 4: Rebooting Apple tv

  • Reboot the AppleTV by pressing the menu and down buttons at the same time and then releasing both buttons.
  • The AppleTV will reboot. The device reboot seems to solve the problem.
  • apple tv restartThe only thing you have to do is just hold on to the menu and down buttons for several seconds until the blue led starts blinking on the front of the ATV rapidly.
  • The ATV reboots by releasing the menu and down button.

Solution 5: Solving the error by changing the setting

  • Go to Settings on your Apple TV.
  • Then select the Audio and Video option
  • You could find the Dolby Digital option.
  • Change it from Auto to On.
  • Leave all other settings like Audio Output to “Auto” and HDMI Output to “Auto

Solution 6: Solving the problem by connecting the modem in the right way

  • Turned the Wi-Fi off on MacBook.
  • Unplug the modem and router, and the ATV2.
  • After a few seconds connect the modem, router, and the ATV2 and MacBook.
  • Then, I selected a tv show stream and paused it as soon as it started to make sure it loaded.
  • Once the gray bar had gone long enough, I hit play. No issues yet.

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Solution 7: Changing the configuration setting

  • Go to the ATV2 Setting section.
  • And then go to General.
  • Then select the Network option.
  • Go to Configure TCP/IP and select “Manual“.
  • Don’t change the IP address and scroll down to select okay.
  • The same should be followed for Subnet Mask and Router Address.
  • The next section is the DNS address.
  • Change the address to and then press done and again done.
  • You can test your settings. This will solve your queries.

Solution 8: Fixing Apple TV to rent a movie

  • I had a problem renting a movie so I unplugged my ATV for 30 seconds.
  • When I plugged in my ATV I was asked to sign in to my apple account and then it worked for me.

Solution 9: Iron out Router problem in ATV

  • In your Apple TV go to Settings.
  • And tap on General then selects Network.
  • Then look at your signal strength. Mine was at 4 bars and was not working.
  • Now that my router is in the same room as the Apple TV it has 5 bars and works fine.

Solution 10: Changing the network setting and DNS

  • Simply change the network setting and DNS settings.
  • Once changing those settings everything was fixed for me.

Solution 11: Error while trying to watch Netflix content

  1. Plugin the micro USB cable, which is connected to iTunes.
  2. Update the software.

Solution 12: Change the settings

  • Change the settings from 1080p to SD in your settings then run it on HD and vice versa.

Solution 13: Fixing the problem using lowering resolution

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the iTunes settings.
  • Choose a Smaller Resolution setting.
  • Try 720p or Standard resolution.

Solution 14: Solving problem in CNBC

  • Log out from CNBC and then log in again.
  • Have to reactivate via ISP.

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  1. So much for Apple ease of use. I've tried most of these and still nothing. My iPhone Airplay to AppleTV worked fine two weeks ago. So WTF?

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