Fixed: Airport Extreme Dropping Connection

I know friends, today we can’t handle the situation of slow internet or no internet. It will be like killing experience when you have slow internet connection. I know the time at the time of slow internet connection, you may have to mail some important details to your boss or else you may make any other important work regarding your work with your internet.

But now the scene is that Dropping internet connection when you are using Apple AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, or AirPort Time Capsule as your Wi-Fi router. You may experience disconnections or interference.
Apple Airport Extreme

Here we go for the common symptoms of this problem.

  • In the Airport Extreme, wireless indicator located near the clock begins by showing full wireless connectivity but gradually reduces in strength bars.
  • In the Airport Extreme ,the indicator may lose 1, 2, 3 or all of its strength indicating bars.
  • In most cases, eventually all connectivity will be lost and can be reconnected by selecting Turn Off Airport, rebooting or running the Network Diagnostic wizard.
  • And finally, The Console is showing the message kernelAirPort: Roam (Beacons Lost).

And no worry guys, here I will give you the solution for this problem. Check it out guys.

Solution 1 : Use fixed wireless channel

  1. Try to use fixed wireless channel. To get rid of this problem follow the below steps.
  2. At first open Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Airport Utility
  3. Select Wireless Change Channel from Automatic to 12 (If channel 12 does not work then try different channels)
  4. Select Update
  5. Allow router to restart and reconnect to wireless network.

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Solution 2 : Try to use different channel
Now try changing the channel on your iPhone to get rid of this problem. Follow the below steps one by one.

  1. At first, launch the AirPort Utility on your Mac while connected to your AirPort Extreme.
  2. Click on AirPort Extreme on the main screen.
  3. Click on the Wireless tab in the top navigation.
  4. On the next screen, click on Wireless Options.
  5. Try to select a different channel than what you're currently on. (You can do this for both networks if you'd like).
  6. Now click Save.

Solution 3 :-

Now make trying any soft technique. This step will be very simple for you.

  1. Reconfigure your router manually.
  2. Turn on interference robustness.
  3. If you have your default wireless channel then try to change the channel.
  4. Changed out power supply and put both modem and router on UPS

I hope that the above mentioned solution may help you to come out of your slow internet problem in your Airport  Extreme.
If you knew any other solutions to solve “Airport Extreme dropping connection” issue, inform us via comment.

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