Fix: Voice memos is not saved after recording


             Voice memos are voice recording App in iPhone.we can record our voice and play it for future purpose. Also, we have a future like voice call recording. Sometimes we used this recording but there is an error that voice memo is not saved after recording:


Step 1: Go to Settings> Voice Memos.

Step 2: Enable the Background App Refresh Button.

Step 3: Select Audio Quality as Compressed.

Step 4: Open Voice Memos and record the voice.

Step 5: If again have the same problem updating the Voice Memos in the App store.

Solution 2:

Step1: Remove or uninstall voice memos from iPhone.

Step 2: Download the voice memos from the App Store.

Step 3: Start the voice recording.

Note: sometimes, the iPhone needs a proper restart to do it, if you have trouble again. 



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