Fix “Unable to Join Network” iPhone error

If you want to connect a wireless network on your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, the error message displayed on the screen. The error is “Unable to Join Network” is  displayed. .
Below mentioned the reasons for Unable to join Network error occurs.
unable to join network error on iPhone

  • If the WiFi adapter is not working means this error occurs.
  • Network settings are not updated.
  • Bad software update.

How to fix Unable to Join Network error on iPhone
Fix 1: Check the security settings
Open the settings on your iPhone or iPad and check the security settings.
Fix 2: Manually Add Network
Open the Settings and find  the WiFi. Find the network that you try to join and try joining again.
Fix 3: Check Router Settings
The error Unable to join Network occurs in iPhone means you cannot access the internet. Network administrator can join network using iPhone or iPad.

  • Check the Mac filtering  for allowed devices.
  • Check for IP conflict.
  • Check all the app that you connect to any specific Wi-Fi network.

wireless Mac filter
If the above mentioned procedure can’t work means contact to the near Apple service center.
Fix 4: Reset the network settings
Click on the Reset network setting in iPhone or iPad.

  • Open Settings ->General -> Reset.
  • Select “Reset network settings”.

Now enter your Passcode. The device reboot now. The device turned on now

  • Open Settings ->WiFi -> click on the network to connect.
  • Now ‘Unable to join network error’ not displayed screen.

If nothing of the above mentioned ways  not work means take your phone to nearest authorized Apple service center.
How to fix Unable to join the network on iOS 7

  1. Open Settings -> WiFi and toggle WiFi off and on again.
  2. Open Settings>WiFi >your network > and click the (i) sign.

Reset your WiFi router

  • Make sure that your WiFi password is correct.
  • Reset your network settings by going to Settings >General> Reset> Reset Network Settings.

If you knew any other solutions to fix “Unable to Join Network” iPhone error, inform us via comment form.

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