Time Capsule Overheating? Here’s how to fix it

In this high-tech world  we mostly depend on modern technologies. To be honest everyone needs super fast equipment’s. One of them is Time Capsule. We are using them to raise our  WiFi speed and to easy backup. Sometimes even that super speed machines gets heating often. It’s  too troublesome at times. Following consultation may help you. So let’s start our experiment.
Time capsule overheating
Solution 1: Lubricant the fan
In this you have to disassemble and lubricate or make it greasy in the center spindle of the fan. For that you need some skill with simple tools such as #8 torx bit screwdriver at least 6” long and something to open the device, and the bottle of grease or lubricant like bicycle lubricant. For this you have to dissemble the time capsule machine.
After doing so you can find the fan fully covered on one side of the device. You can disclose the cover of the fan by the small clips that are popping. Then try to spin the blade of the fan. If it is not working means  you have discovered the problem. Because it’s causing the problem. Catch the fan from the side of the device. When you reach the fan you can witness the top of the fan and the blades around it.Then  grasp the sides and lift it straight up from the plastic base of the device, but don’t poke it so vigorously.  You can find a bit of resistance because of the jamming and also there is a magnetism that is holding the fan. Then put a small drop of oil in the hole of the fan blade shaft that goes inside and shove the hole of the fan inside for sometime to make it greasy. Then spin the fan for some while. Because mostly the fan jamming is the reason of the overheating time capsule You have repaired your device now.
It may work. But getting into the fan was not so easy, because of the tiny clips which holding the fan getting crack normally. With a single break of the clips can spoil the fan housing, that will ensure air leak in the seam. That make the time  capsule become less efficient and also lead to same heating problem.
Note: If you break any clip like this means, just take a tiny drop of superglue with the tip of a sewing needle. Apply the glue where you have broken. The glue will last for sometime, because the micro drop of superglue is enough to seal it well. You can use this link to reach the fan.
Solution 2: Replace the PSU
Sometimes you need to replace your PSU and updated firmware then you can clean the fan,but while doing so an yellow light will pop up with heat for moment.
Solution 3: Remove rubber bottom
Time capsule repair
In this case sometimes to repair your Time Capsule you need to remove the rubber bottom of the TC then start the fan with a resistor. Then you can see it will run all the time. To improvise the airflow you have to use rubber feet under it to cool down. But that fan may make some noise.
Note: Always be sure that you are keeping your Time Capsule in a place with ventilation. Because heat may causes this kind of problems at times. Also Hard Drives will die if we maintain them in heat more than 50 degree Celsius.
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Solution 4: Fixing DIY
At times you need to fix DIY for overheating TC because of the design flaw of the fan already has. Those flaws are

  1. No air-inlet hole.
  2. It marks the wrong way.
  3. It is not even turn on.

That’s why our TC become overheating often.
Solution 5: Disconnect AC plug
If it happen so in some occasion you need to disconnect your time capsule’s AC plug after a minute you can reconnect it. It will be working .
Note: The most recent TC software is 7.6.1. You can contact Apple care on any computer and TC if you have Time Capsule is less than 3 years old then you can replace it under warranty.
I hope this discussions will be useful to you. Also your comments are welcoming on this topic.

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