How to Fix "This accessory may not be supported"

When users connecting their iPhone to charger cable, phone vibrate and show message like “the accessory may not be certified”. When users try to use other cables, they getting same error message.
Solution 1 :- Use Push pin
Use a pin and clean a charging port. Remove the lint, debris inside it.
Solution 2:-
Plug your charger in.  When you get the error message like “This accessory…” Press with pressure and hold your finger on dismiss button and pull the charger out.
While still applying pressure on iPhone screen, plug the charger back.
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Solution 3:- Turn on Airplane mode

  1. Connect your iPhone to charging cable.
  2. when you get error message dismiss it.
  3. Turn on Airplane mode on iPhone.
  4. Then turn off iPhone and wait 2 minutes. Then turn on your iPhone.
  5. You no longer receive the error message.

Solution 4:- Use original cable.
Use genuine Apple cable.
Note : iPhone 6 and 6 plus require different power supply.
If you knew any other solutions, inform us via comment.

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None of the above. I am using an iPhone6 purchased from Apple, original cable and charger. Overtime I connected wit the cable to my iMac, the iPhone shows the message but it works with iTunes, it syncs but not charges the iPhone 6. This type of problems never happens with my Samsung Note 4 or Samsung 5.

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