Audio & Sound Not Working in Mac OS X EL Capitan? Easy fix

Volume not working problem in new OS X EL caption? Learn how to fix sound control not working, no audio and audio related issues in Mac OS X EL Caption.
These solutions also fix the following issues

  • No audio sound when playing online videos via browser like Safari, Chrome or Firefox.
  • Can’t adjust speaker volumes.
  • Annoying popping noise when play audio or video.

Solution No 1: Change your system output device to Internal speakers.
After upgrading to OS X EL Caption default device for sound output might changed.
Navigate to Apple Menu –> System Preferences  –> Sound.  Select the output device as Internal speakers or any connected external speakers.
Yosemite system preferences output
Solution No 2: For users who use HDMI external display with sound
Lot of Mac users reported Mac OS X can’r control HDMI sound devices.
So navigate to System Preferences –>Sound.  Change it from HDMI to Headphone port.
Solution No 3: Use Terminal command
Launch Terminal app from /Applications/Utilities/ folder and type  the following command

sudo killall coreaudiod

Solution No 4: Change settings for internal speaker
On your Mac, navigate to Settings -> Audio -> Output and change the settings for internal speakers.
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Solution No 5:  Enable some sound settings
Navigate to Apple Menu –> System Preferences –> Sound and tick the following check boxs

  • “Play Feedback when volume is changed”
  • “Show volume in menu bar”

Solution No 6: Restart your Mac computer
Restarting your computer (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac) might bring the sound back.
Solution No 7: Reset PRAM

  1. Reset your Mac – Parameter Random Access Memory (PRAM), to fix audio issues.
  2. Turn on your Mac system.
  3. Press the Power button.
  4. Press and hold Option+Command+P+R keys combination before gray screen appears. Hold the keys until your system restarts. Now you will hear system startup sound.

Solution No 8: Reinstall OS X EL Caption 
Create bootable EL caption usb drive and reinstall Mac OS X EL Caption using bootable usb drive.
If you knew any other way to fix ” Audio issues after upgrading Mac OS X EL Capitan”, inform us via comment

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19 responses to Audio & Sound Not Working in Mac OS X EL Capitan? Easy fix

None of those work. I do NOT have internal speakers as a choice in the sound output page. I can't get the speakers to work. How do I downgrade from El Capitan?

I have the same problem. When I plug in my headphones I have sound, when I unplug them I lose sound from the internal speakers and they are not listed as a choice on the sound output page.
Did you ever find a solution?

Same. sudo killall coreaudiod and the PRAM options were unsuccessful. The problem began about a month ago. I upgraded to El Capitan, and it fixed itself. Then the sound worked fine for two weeks. It randomly went out during a FaceTime conversation; my headphones made a loud scratch sound, like the static from a TV, and then has not worked since.
SO FRUSTRATING! Especially considering I just bought this MacBook Air in August and have always been a Windows user.
Bart — did you figure out a solution?

Hi Jessica, I wonder if you ever solved your problem? I had issues also, same thing, but thought it was my speakers so took them in. They charged me $65. Now I am thinking there is nothing, and was nothing wrong with my speakers which are brand new. Again, just after a month, maybe less, after I get them back from the shop,they stop playing. None of these fixes resolved the issue. I think the only way is to contact Apple.
You can do a restart if you use time machine and have a backup, but I don't think this issue was only in El Capitan, but that is when I started having issues…

*The following worked for me, after upgrading from OS X Yosemite*
At the top menu of Finder click ‘Go’
Hold down ‘alt’ and now ‘Library’ should magically appear on the menu list
Keep holding down alt and click 'Library'
Now a finder window will appear, navigate to a folder called 'Audio'
Then the folder 'Plug-ins'
Then the folder 'Components'
Find 'CoreAudio.component' and throw it in the trash!
Hopefully your audio should now instantly work!
oh also, follow @teaandcheese on twitter 😀

I tried this, having tried just about everything else I could find in the way of suggestions to fix the greyed-out sound control on my MacBook – the Components folder is empty? I can get sound via the headphone jack, not a squeak via the built-in speaker. My loyalty to Apple is vanishing faster than ice-cream at a kids' party…

Running El Capitan and recently upgraded ram to 2x 4gb on Macbook Pro 2009.
My speakers sound like they are "blown especially the base which make a terrible sound and distorting badly!
CoreAudio.component doesn't exist in my folder – any other suggestions?
Using head phones all is fine

I don't have any audio options in my sound output, and I can't turn up my sound. This is really annoying as someone who plays video games a lot. Does anyone know a solution?

someone hit my computer then all built in audio divices dissapeared
i have a macbook air mid 2012 ive tried everything and am so frustrated i also cant afford a new computer please please HELP ME!!!

Maybe your audio card went bad. I think that happened to my 2011. I tried all this stuff and nothing worked. I don't know much about this stuff, but my understanding is that fixing this would cost way too much to be worth it (something about the sound card being welded to the hard drive or something. I don't know.) If you can't watch videos, or they will only play for a few seconds probably the same thing happened to yours.
Anyway what I ended up doing was just getting an external sound card from Amazon for like ten dollars and plugging an external speaker into it or using a bluetooth speaker. The external speaker won't work at all without the sound card. Still kind of a bummer to have to have a speaker and sound card with you, but the card is very small, and it's better than replacing your computer. Some of them are only like five dollars, but I would recommend one with a cord because the other ones will block your second usb port.
Hope this works, or you figure out another fix!

If your sound card went bad you could get an external one to plug in to your usb for $5-$15 on amazon. This would allow you to use an external speaker.

"PRAM" is an outdated and inaccurate term, as Macs have not PRAM in years. They use NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory) – same keyboard combination, though.

After trying all the solution out there (non worked for me), restart, permission repair, insert/remove headsets, sudo kill, PRAM etc
this finally did the job for me:
My problem was that i was listening to music on iTunes connected to a bluetooth sound-bar and then suddenly the bar closed. When i went to the Sound in preferences there was no Internal speaker option anymore – so i try all of above, you already know the result 😉 So blaming the Bluetooth made sense for me, right ? Now having an iMac with wireless keyboard and mouse makes you think how can you will do a restart after disable in it … here's what i did:
– removed all external devices, hardiscks, headsets.
– went to System Preferences and disable Bluetooth (it will ask you if your sure, just go ahead)
– now hold the power button for a couple of seconds until it's restarting
– Built in speakers is back again 😉

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