Fix: Remove Email contacts from iPhone

Recently, my iPhone contacts not only shows contacts with phone numbers but also show the email addresses. A user couldn’t save any email addresses within the contacts. Is there is any way to remove email contacts from iPhone?
Solution 1: Remove Email contacts from iPhone
Here are the steps to remove Email contacts from iPhone
Step 1:  Open your iPhone’s Settings. 
Step 2: Move down and click on Contacts.
Step 3: Click on Accounts.
Step 4: Choose the account with unwanted contacts.
Step 5: Go to the “Contacts” and change to the Off position.
Step 6: Click on Delete from my iPhone.
Remove Email Contacts from an iPhone
Solution 2: Delete thousands of contacts email addresses
click on group icon
Display particular contacts and hide remaining contacts by clicking the Groups button in the in iPhone.
Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars on your mail account, and select contacts and turn off it and click on delete button to delete the contacts.
delete contacts by group
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Solution 3: Delete Contacts at a glance
Delete a contact by going into the Contact’s card, and click on Edit. Move down and click on Delete Contact.
Hope, this post helps to delete email contacts from iPhone.

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