Fix: RDP ”The certificate or associated chain is not valid” error

Recently, I upgraded to Mac OS Sierra and now my Remote Desktop Connection won’t work.  The error message occurs “The certificate or associated chain is not valid”. When I clicked on Connect button same error message occurred.
associated chain
Solution 1: Enter your credentials
Remote Desktop credientals window

  1. In RDP Client Preferences go to Security and check “Always connect, even if authentication fails”,.
  2. Connect your PC with “Enter your credentials” window.
  3. Go into the RDP Preferences and click on the “Login” tab and check whether the username and password are correct.
  4. Check “add the user information to the key chain”.
  5. Go into the Safari browser and logging into the business portal. Now key chain will be worked and it provides login information.

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Solution 2: Check if it is in Safe mode
Safe mode is also called safe boot. This mode helps to prevent some software from automatically loading or opening.
If the remote desktop issues still persist try to resolve it by checking if it is in safe mode.
After testing Remote Desktop is in Safe mode, try to restart it as in a normal way. Create a new user and see if the system is user specific or system wide.
You can also test if this issue happens to occur in another user account on Mac.
The above-given steps will help to resolve the remote desktop issue.

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