Fix “The phone number is not registered with iMessage” error on Mac, iPad & iPhone

When I was trying to send text messages from my Mac to other devices, it shows error “phone number is not registered with iMessage”. Whenever I tried this it shows error like this. Then I had no idea about this issue. One my friend told me some solution to getting rid of this problem. After tried those solutions, I had no error till now. In this article, I am going to share with you those solutions. If you are having this same issue, it will definitely help you.
Solution 1: Sign out and Sign In
First, you have to sign your phone number to iMessage from your iPhone. If you did this already, you will sign out this account and wait 10 seconds. After that Sign Back in.
Solution 2: Turn on Messages

  • Open “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Then choose “Messages”. Then turn on it if turned off.

Solution 3: Create a New Chat
Delete the person who chats with you. Then create a new chat with him. Now, you will try to send a Message.
Solution 4: Turn On Messages on Computer

  • Open “Messages”. Click “Preferences” and click “Accounts”.
  • If your Apple ID account is disabled, just you enable it. If it not work, you should turn on iMessage on your iPhone.
  • Open “Settings” -> click “iMessages” -> select “text messages forwarding”. Then you should use same Wi-Fi network. Your computer and other devices will show in the list. Select the one which you want to enable.

solution 5: Add Phone Number to Messages Account

  • Open “Messages”. Click “Messages” -> click “Preferences”.
  • Open Apple ID account. Then add your phone number on the Settings tab.

solution 6: Turn Off Text Message Forwarding and Turn it On
You can try to turn off text message forwarding. Then wait 10 seconds and again turn it on. It may be work for you.
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