Fix “The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “Foo” can’t be found”

I didn’t use NAS for a long time. Open NAS device through the network and select share but the following error occurred.

"The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “Foo” can’t be found"

Below the follow suggestions to resolve the NAS issue.
Solution 1: Relaunch the Finder
Relaunch the Finder
Relaunching the Finder solved the problem. Go to the Apple menu (top left) -> Force Quit -> Finder -> Relaunch.
Solution 2: Add permissions for Guest
add guest
The solution was to add permissions for “Guest” to the Win7 directory. Try to connect iMac to Guest and add permissions specifically for Guest by going into Properties -> Sharing -> Share -> Add -> Guest to solve it.
Solution 3: Change’s the volumes’ group
Change the volume’s group to admin which was wheel before.
Sudo chgrp admin/volumes.
How to set the different permissions for the/Volume directory 
On the problematic Mac it was set to drwxrxr-w and on the recently installed Mac it was drwxrwxr-x.
Fixed the problem by
sudo chmod 775/Volumes. Now, the problem gets resolved.
Solution 4: Remove the shared folder

  1. Log out of the server in the Finder.
  2. Close the Finder.
  3. Open the server again by clicking Command-K in Finder.
  4. Now, shared folder starts opens.

After doing the above steps, go into the server and remove the shared folder from the file sharing area and re-add it to fix the solution.

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