Photoshop Crashing on macOS Mojavae (CC,CS6/CS5)

Photoshop is a Photo Editing Tool that is used for all types of Editing processes like Graphic Design and more. You can completely change the look of the photo according to your wish and taste by using this app. But when it is installed in Mojave it is getting crashed. So here in this article, I will say how to rectify that problem.


Software Update:

  1. Photoshop software must be updated before you start to work on that app. It may solve most of the problems like crashing.

Check the Available Storage:

  1. If you don’t have sufficient storage on your Mac, then it will cause a crashing problem. Make sure to keep it sufficient so that there will be no issues.
  2. After you have cleared the storage, You can see that Photoshop will work better to use.

Preference File Settings:

  1.  Now open Photoshop.
  2. Click the Edit Option –> Preference –> Performance.

Photoshop Crashing on Mojavae

3. Now there is one option Let Photoshop Use option Reduce it for 50%, it is RAM availability in the computer. If it is more than 50% it causes crashing, so it must be reduced.

4. Then click OK.

Photoshop Crashing on Mojavae


5. Now open photoshop and use it comfortably without crashing problems.

Final Verdict:

So, these three solutions will surely help you to solve the crashing issues on your Mac. So you can either try any of the methods to eradicate your problems.

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