Solution for Mojave Causes Photoshop CC,CS6/CS5 to Crash in Mac

The photoshop is an application it having multiple tools and designing process.It is helpful to make the photos as our wish.In this article the photoshop is installed in mojave OS but it makes crashing.Here going to rectify the problem.
Software Update:

  1. Photoshop software must be Updated  while going to start the work. It may solve most of the problem like crashing.

Check The Available Storage:

  1. The Storage Space in the computer is near to the full level it needto be clear.
  2. These storage level is cleared the Photoshop Running Freely otherwise it may cause crashing.

Preference File Settings:

  1.  Now open the Photoshop.
  2. Click the Edit Option –> Preference –> Performance.
  3. Now there is one option Let Photoshop Use option Reduce it for 50%, it is RAM availability in the computer .If it is more than 50% it cause crashing,so it must be reduce.
  4. Then click OK.
  5. Now open the photoshop and use it comfortable.

This method of solutions are really helpful to overcome this problem. Now the Photoshop is used without any crash. And made the graphics effect, 3D effects, photo editing all this editings are made using this app.

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