How to Fix Microsoft Exchange E-mail Sync issues on Mac

A lot of Mac users reported that they have an issue with OS X Yosemite Mail. Some of…
Microsoft Exchange E-mail

Microsoft exchange email sync issue

A lot of Mac users reported that they have an issue with OS X Yosemite Mail. Some of the Microsoft Exchange emails are not synced with mail. The mail has no content and it appears as Blank mail.

It’s really frustrating so in this article, let’s see how to fix the Microsoft Exchange E-mail sync issues on Mac. Let’s get started.

Solution 1: Rebuild Mailbox

When you have a problem syncing your Exchange mail with your mail. Then try to Rebuild your Mailbox. That will solve your problem.

  • Open the Mail app and click the inbox folder.
  • At the top of the screen, choose Mailbox. Select the  “Rebuild” option at the bottom of the dropdown list.
  • It takes some time to rebuild your Mailbox depending on the size of the exchange mailbox.

Solution 2: Set only 5000 messages per mail.

  • Microsoft recommends 5000 messages per Exchange mailbox.
  • So set 5000 messages per mail. If you have more messages more than 5000 then, Move the message into other folders.

Solution 3: Disable “Automatically detect and maintain account settings”

  • In the Mail app, Go to Preferences -> [Exchange Account] -> Advanced
  • And disable or uncheck the check box “Automatically detect and maintain account settings”.
  • In the Mail app, Go to Preferences -> [Exchange Account] -> Outgoing Mail server
  • And select edit SMTP server list from the dropdown -> Advanced.
  • Disable or uncheck “Automatically detect and maintain account settings”.
  • After that, Restart the Mail app.


If you want new emails to show up timely, Under the General option, change the Default from 5 minutes to 1 minute.


If the above solutions haven’t worked for you then try the suggestions which are listed as follows.

  • Switch on and off automatic discovery (temporary solution).
  • Delete all exchange account in Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Internet Accounts.
  •  Quit the mail app and relaunch the Mail app. For that, Go to Preferences -> Accounts.
  • Within mail, set up the Exchange account (Not from System Preferences).
  • After you set up a mail account, Go to Advanced and uncheck “Automatically detect and maintain settings”.

Final Verdict:

So Guys, if you know of any other solutions for the Microsoft exchange email sync issue, inform us via comment. And if you found this article helpful, then share it with your friends and keep supporting

  1. Hi all,
    We have configured office365 exchange mail account in iPhone, iMacAir, MacBook & iPad. Whenever I received an email, I can able to receive it in all the devices. But if I read the email in iPad or MacBook mean, it won't change the read mail. its shows an Unread mail in iMacAir and iPhone.
    Either its problem in devices or Exchange Activesync issue?
    Could you please help to resolve this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,

  2. None of these fixes work. Rebuild rebuilds inbox once, but does not synchronize after. Synchronise all accounts does nothing. Deleting and reestablishing exchange account – the same.
    Is there any other idea. Synch worked before Sierra.

  3. If i have an email on my iPhone, when i open my mac it disappears. if I leave my email open at home, I will not receive emails from exchange on my phone???

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