MacBook Running Slow, fix

One of the common complaints most Mac users reported has been MacBook Pro running slow. Most of the applications like safari, Photoshop either lagging or frozen or crashes.
Quick 1 minute solution (SMC reset – SYSTEM MANAGEMENT CONTROLLER reset)
Shutdown your Computer (MacBook).
Plug MacBook into the power socket.
Hold down the left shift, control,option and  power button together for 10 seconds.
Then turn on your MacBook like normal.
Thing method solve so many Mac users issue ( and make their MacBook like new one.
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Solution 2:-
Maybe some process or applications draining your CPU.  Go to Utilities -> System Manager -> CPU to find percentage of idle use. Remove or uninstall that programs to make your MacBook fast.
Open Terminal. Wait some seconds to load Terminal. Type “purge” and hit Enter button.
This thing dumps all the stored memory which is not used by programs.
Solution :-
Check your Hard disk free space. Your hard disk must have 10 to 15% free space.
Solution :-
Expand your MacBook RAM.
This issue also happened because of Spotlight search index, software update, low disk space, out of RAM and too many application opens at the same time.  Also read Apple support guide to solve your MacBook issue.
If you find any other solution to speed up Mac, feel free to share your opinion via comments.

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