How to Fix MacBook Pro Overheating Issue

Here given some reasons to why the Macbooks are overheating.
Solution 1: Switch  back to lower priority
Switch it from “Lower Priority” to “Backup” and that was causing it to hog the CPU. Switched it back to Lower priority and heating issue resolved.
Solution 2: Download smcFanControl
Download smcFanControl first and foremost, for two reasons:
One is that you can easily Monitor temperature and fan speed, and have these measurements will allow you to gauge whether the next steps you take to reduce overheating are actually working. Once installed and opened, you will see the measurements up on the menu bar at the top of your display.
Two is that you can adjust fan speed which may reduce overheating.
Solution 3: Suggested by (Thenecron)
Two reasons to avoid heating problem on your MBP

  1. Don’t use programs to monitor the behaviour of your system.
  2. Close the MacBook Pro gets hot and leave it for 10-15 min.

Solution 4:  Install Activity Monitor
activity monitor

  1. Install Activity Monitor and select “All processes”.
  2. Next, click on the CPU and then on a %CPU column to see the % of CPU used by the apps and processes.
  3. If you find any app is using 70% or more than that of the CPU, just highlight that and select ‘Quit’ process.

This process is helpful to get rid of the Macbook overheating issue.

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