How To Fix Left AirPod Stopped Working

I am an iPhone user. Recently, I have tried connecting my iPhone to Apple AirPods. But, I couldn’t hear the sound from the left side of AirPods. I was bit confused and seriously thinking why my Left Airpod won’t work? Then what I did is… have shared this issue with my friend Danny and he gave me some tricks to fix this issue. I am here to share those tricks with you so that if the same problem persists, you can also fix it.
Fix 1: What you have to do is, insert both AirPods into the charging case and leave it as open. On the back side of the charging case, you will see a button. Just hold the button down until the light flash white appears. When it appears, connect your iPhone to AirPods by opening/closing the top of the charge case.
unpair and pair again
Fix 2: Unpair AirPods to your device and then repair again. To do this, go to Settings and tap Bluetooth option to select your AirPods by pressing the blue circled “i” symbol and choose “Forget This Device”  and then again restart your device and connect to AirPods.
contact apple store
Fix 3: Make sure that your device has no issues. If there is an issue on your device and if you find that your device is under warranty status, contact Apple Store to resolve it.
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