Fix: iPhone storage usage wrong or doesn't add up

One of the users, reported that her iPhone 6 keeps warning that the storage is full. When they deleted almost all apps, pictures and videos but still the storage space goes back to full.  Try the below suggestions to resolve the storage issue.
Solution 1: Do a hard reset

  1. Compress and hold the Sleep/Wake button (also called lock button).
  2. At once, release the button. The Apple logo appears on the screen.

Solution 2: Use Memory and Disk Scanner Pro
If your app takes extra storage space you must delete extra junk files.
Use “Memory and Disk Scanner Pro” to delete extra junk files in your apps. Go to the App Store and get it for free. Now you get back the unused memory.
Solution 3: (Suggested by shy shell)
Use Phone Clean to clean the apps. Installed it and during scanning, it takes 10 minutes to loads temporary Safari items and partial downloads. Recovered back my memory space.
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Solution 4: Backup and Restore
Call to Apple Support and they advised to take backup and restore your phone to recent version.
Note: Simply take backup, erasing and restoring.
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