Fix iPhone “SIM Card Not Supported” error while unlocking

Apple’s iPhone restrict to which network your phone can access and this is tied with unlocking the phone which becomes difficult.
It depends on the region you live and the carrier used. Each carrier has different policies on unlocking. Some carriers sells a locked phone and you can unlock it yourself without even contacting them.
When the iPhone is locked to a different carrier and if you insert another sim, an error message is displayed as ‘The sim card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported’. This error occurs when you connect your iPhone to iTunes.
Check Apple’s unlock checklist under your country to check whether they offer service. In this case you can simply unlock by contacting them to authorize unlock.
SIM card inserted not supported iPhone
Process of unlocking using iTunes:
Once the vendor approves unlock on the carrier follow the below steps to reactivate the phone.
1. Connect your iPhone using dock connector to USB cable that came up with iPhone.
2. Ensure SIM card is inserted in your iPhone
3. Launch iTunes and verify that you have internet connectivity.
4. Select your phone under devices menu, click summary tab and choose backup. iTunes may warn that apps are not backed up. Backup apps if offered.
5. Once backup has completed, Click on Restore
6. After restoring your iPhone will be unlocked.
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Process of unlocking using SAM:
There is another way to unlock iPhone using SAM. Before proceeding identify to which carrier your iPhone is locked to and follow the below steps

  1. Confirm whether correct version of SAM is installed. Go to Settings->SAM-> Utilities and tab in ‘Revert lock down to stock’. A message saying ‘stockification success’ should appear on screen. If a failure notification appears, install correct version of SAM
  2. Go to SAM preferences->Method->By bundle name. Tab on bundle menu and select your carrier name
  3. Select your SIM ID
  4. Go to more information and check whether activation state is un activated.
  5. Now connect your iPhone to computer and check whether activation state is changed to ‘wildcard activated’.

After this your iPhone should be unlocked and ready to be use with other carrier networks.
If it’s still not working, contact mobile carrier customer care for further assistance.

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