Fix : iPhone screen went black. But it's still on and charging

Sometimes iPhone goes to black screen mode but still iPhone is on and charging. And iPhone rings but cannot answer the call. The black screen problem is usually happening because of the hardware problem.
Other reasons for this failure are:

  • The battery has lost all of its charges and the device is completely power down.
  • The storage drive damaged.
  • Total iOS corruption

Try the below mentioned solutions to fix this issue
Solution 1: Do a reset:
Do a hard reset by holding the Sleep and Home buttons together for at least  10 seconds until Apple logo appears on the screen. The phone will restart. There will not any loss in data.
If Apple logo appears on the screen, this issue is because of a software crash. Try the next solution if Apple logo doesn’t seem in the screen after resetting.
Solution 2: Try giving some power
If the screen remains black after reset, then most likely that battery is too low.
If the battery level is too low, the iPhone doesn’t even have the power to alert that charge is low.
Plugging the device into the power source for at least 1 hour may resolve this issue.
If the screen doesn’t turn up even after one hour, check whether adapter and power cable are in good condition.
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Solution 3: Try a system restore using iTunes

  1. Connect iPhone to computer through a USB cable
  2. Check whether iTunes is recognizing the iPhone
  3. Attempt for a system restore
  4. iTunes may prompt with the below image iTunes recovery mode iPhone
  5. Click on update. The computer will start downloading the latest software.
  6. If it takes more than 15 mins, put your device into recovery mode again.
  7. After restoring try to reboot the device.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions works, then it’s a hardware failure. Try the below solutions.
Solution 4: Check the display data connector connected properly (for tech persons)
Sometimes iPhone screen is black because the cable that connects the LCD to the logic board dislodged.
If this is the case, plugin back the display data connector to the logic board and check whether issue resolved.
You can contact Apple store to plug in the cable with free of cost.iPhone LCD to Logic board cable
Solution 5: Check whether the display was broken
There are some cases where the display itself broken and needs to replaced.

  • If you have dropped down the iPhone and display is not working after this, LCD cable has dislodged from the logic board. In this case plugin the cable with the logic board.
  • If suppose iPhone has become wet and the display has stopped working, the black screen is because of broken LCD and this needs to replaced.

It’s highly expensive to replace the display in Apple store. If you couldn’t resolve the issue with any of the above steps, contact Apple store to help further.
If you knew any other solutions to fix “iPhone screen went black. But it’s still on and charging” issue, inform us using the comment form.

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