Fixed: iPhone microphone does not work in apps

Suddenly, iPhone Microphone won’t work. The most important activities get disturbed. For E.g: communication gets affected during the phone call, FaceTime chat etc. While recording videos, you will not able to hear any sound. Try below the suggestions to resolve the issue
Solution 1: Replace Front Facing Camera and Sensor Cable
It contains front facing microphone commonly used for Siri or Facetime. Replaced the Front facing camera and sensor cable the problem get solved.
Clean up the mic and compress the air around the mic.
Solution 2: Use Voice memos
Voice memos don’t work on Siri. Connect the iPhone to a power source and Siri worked. Now you disconnect it Siri works again.
Solution 3: Press mic button
Hold mic button for 5 seconds. Now, the microphone records everything fine.
Solution 4: Turn on noise cancellation
When the user makes or receives a call, the sound was not heard properly. I can be solved this problem by turning on the noise cancellation.
Go to Settings ->General ->Accessibility -> Turn noise cancellation on.
Enable Phone noise cancellation on iPhone
Solution 5: Restart  iPhone
This method can destroy all the apps that have an error.

  1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button.
  2. Now, the red slider appears on the screen. Then click right on the slide to turn it off.
  3. Just wait for few seconds and turn the slide back on by holding Sleep/Wake button.Now Apple logo appears.

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Solution 6: Clean the microphone
If any dust or dirt covered in iPhone microphone.It can damage the sound received by the microphone.
Use toothpick or needle and clean the dirt and do it carefully.
Solution 7: Update iOS
Update a new iOS on iPhone.
Go to Settings -> General -> Software update.
If you need any new iOS update, you want to download it.
The main use of iOS update is it resolve iPhone microphone problems.
Click install button on the software update window.
Solution 8: Reset all  Setting
If the above-given solutions won’t work on iPhone, try to reset all settings.
How to reset all  settings on  iPhone:
Go to Settings->General->list down and click reset.
Choose Reset all Settings.
Before continuing the process enter your passcode.
Now, a window appears on the screen. Click reset all settings.
If the issue still persists means take your microphone to Apple Store or Contact Apple.

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