Fix iPhone Invalid SIM, No SIM Card and SIM Card Failure errors

How to fix no SIM card error:
iPhone’s no sim card error is one of the most common SIM related issues. This is due to various reasons like weak signals, bad SIM card reader.
You can try these if your phone stops recognizing SIM card
#1 Toggle Airplane mode
In some cases weak or low carrier signal may display the error as sim card not installed. To resolve this toggle the airplanes mode. This method can fix the issue if iPhone says ‘no sim’.
Go to Settings->Airplane mode->Turn on
Leave it to 15-20 seconds and turn it off.
Remove the SIM card from the phone, after 10 seconds place again. Restart the phone and do the network settings manually. This may strengthen the signal if there is nothing incorrect with the carrier.
#2. Reboot your iPhone
iPhone says ‘No SIM’ error even though sim card is in place. For some reason, your phone is not detecting it. A simple restart can fix the problem.
#3. Check whether SIM card is placed properly
Sometimes SIM card moves a bit in the tray. Reinserting the card may fix the issue. Turn off the phone and remove the SIM card. If there is any dust clean it and place again in the tray. Make sure SIM card is not damaged and switch on the phone
#4. Try another SIM card
If the above solution doesn’t resolve the issue, remove SIM card from a phone and place a new SIM card in the tray. On restarting the phone, if the error message doesn’t appear, contact your carrier for SIM replacement.
#5. Carrier settings update
In many cases updating the carrier settings fix the issue.
Go to Settings-> General-> About
If carrier settings update is available, Tab on the update.
#6. Reset network settings
This will restore network settings to factory defaults, so you will be asked to enter WI-FI password and pair with Bluetooth devices again.
Go to Settings->General->Reset-> Reset all settings
#7. Upgrade iPhone to latest version of iOS
A Software update may sometimes fix the issue. Before proceeding make sure iPhone is charged fully or connect to power source.
Connect to a WI-FI network
Go to Settings-> General-> Software update
Tab Download and install the latest version.
How to fix SIM card not supported error:
The common problem of SIM card failure is due to locked iPhones. You need to unlock the iPhone in order to use other carriers.
Downgrading problem
This problem may also occur if the iPhone is downgraded probably something has gone wrong in reading the SIM card information. To resolve iPhone needs to be unlocked using IMEI unlocking service. After this iPhone can be recognized to any network.
Damaged SIM card reader
The last thing to check is whether SIM card reader is damaged. To fix this replace the reader.

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