Fix: iPhone front glass panel separating/lifting away from body

One of the iPhone users bought an iPhone 6. And after 6 months ago, they notice that front panel is separating from the body. The screen is exactly 1-2mm gap between the bottom of the glass panel and the top of metal surrounding strip. Pushed the panel back but the frame does not fit in the correct position.

  1. The LCD assembly and frame was assembled with a cheap glue so it not sticky.
  2. iPhone 6 Frame is very thinner than previous models.
  3. Dust are easily sticking inside the glass panel.

Solution 1: Give a pressure with your hand
Dropped iPhone on the carpet. and the screen was coming out of the case in one corner. Put the phone face-down on a desk using a cloth to prevent scratching. Gently give a pressure with your hand. Hope it will be worked.
Note: Tried Gently push from the front panel.
Solution 2: Replace the battery
replace the battery

In an old battery, it was ballooned in its shell. Now, install the replacement battery and re-assembled the iPhone. But no bulging screen appears.
For the battery replacement, go to Apple website.
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Solution 3: Locktight with Epoxy Plastics
This plastic comes in a purple label color and it looks like a two part syringe.

  1. Remove the screen from the phone.
  2. Clean the old glue.
  3. Now, apply the glue to the frame and position the glass.
  4. Gently give pressure to the frame. Apply the pressure to the top corners of the screen+frame.
  5. Check whether the frame is in straight.

Solution 4: Use Locktite glue
Locktite glue
Dropped iPhone on the floor and the panel gets separately from the phone. Use Locktite glue and the frame gets fits tightly.
Note: Use cold press glue for the original phone screens which are very strong. Don’t hot melt glue because the frame will fall eventually.
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