iPhone Contacts Missing, No Name, Only Numbers. Here's The Fix!

Some iPhone users reported, suddenly contacts from iPhone missing. Only phone numbers appear instead of names in call logs.

Solution 1: Toggle contacts off and on

  1. Go to Settings -> iCloud
  2. Toggle Contacts Off and On again.

Solution 2: Turn all the application back on

  1. Go to Settings -> iCloud
  2. If everything turned off, Turn them on again.

Note: Do not connect your iPhone to iTunes. You may lose recently downloaded apps that not backed up.
Solution 3: Use Siri
Ask Siri to restore contacts.
Solution 4: Delete and re-add the Exchange email account
readd exchange account
Sometimes if you delete Exchange email account, contacts associated with that email address will disappear.
Re-add that exchange account and restart the iPhone to fix this issue.
Solution 5: Retype the iCloud password

  1. Go to Settings -> iCloud
  2. Enter the password. Toggle of contacts.
  3. Go back and retype the iCloud password again.
  4. Your contacts come back again.

Solution 6: Save contacts on a word doc

  1. Go to iCloud.com
  2. Save all your contacts on a word doc.
  3. Delete the contacts from your phone.
  4. Save these contacts.

Solution 7: Toggle ON the contacts button
contacts on
Go to Settings -> Mail -> Selected my Google account and toggle ON the Contacts button.
Solution 8: Merge your contacts on iCloud
Once you sign out from the iCloud one of the dialogue boxes that will come up indicating whether you want to delete or keep your Contacts on the phone.  Click on “Keep”. After that sign back into iCloud.  It will ask if you want to merge your Contacts. Merge them.
merge contacts
Now your contacts are on iCloud. Go to website iCloud.com and check whether your contacts are on iCloud by clicking on Contacts. You can see all the contacts there. Then, Safely delete the Exchange account.
Note: Some users reported contacts still appeared on Favourites.
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