How To Fix iPhone 8, X Keeps Freezing Issues

One of an iPhone user had reported a problem that her device seems to be frozen at times. I am here to help you by sharing some fixes with you which was suggested by my friend Daniel. With those tricks, I have solved this same issue which persisted when I used iPhone 6. Hope that the below fixes will help you. Come let’s see…

Fix 1: Restore your iPhone

restore iphone
Restoring your iPhone may help in fixing this issue. To restore it- Open on your computer and sign in with your Apple ID and Password >> tap Find My iPhone >> tap All Devices and then select the iPhone you wanna chose >> tap Erase iPhone and Confirm >> Now, connect your device to your computer and open iTunes option. Just select the device and then tap Restore iPhone and confirm.

Fix 2: Close All Running Apps

close back apps
Firstly, double tap the Home button. You will get an option to see the preview of Applications which you have recently used so far. What you have to do is.. Just wipe out the Apps to close it.

Fix 3: Reboot your device

reboot device
To restart your device, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button >> Slide to Power Off >> Wait for 10 seconds and again press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple Logo appears on your screen.


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Fix 4: Reset All Settings

reset all
To reset all settings, you just go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset All Settings.
Note: Resetting all settings doesn’t remove any data but it will change the settings back to default.

Fix 5: Update iOS

update software
Updating to new software helps you fix many issues like this. To update software, launch Settings >> General >> Software Update >> Download and Install >> Enter your Passcode if it is needed and then tap it to confirm.
Hope any one of the above fixes will help you to fix this issue. If yes, then share your experience with me and mention which fix has solved your issue through your comments below. Thank you…

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