Fix: iPhone 6 vibrates but does not ring

Troublesome it is when we are missing some important calls. Even sometimes it will happen not because of our busy schedule, but of our iPhone 6 doesn’t ring only vibrates. If the situation is like this mean we have to be more conscious all the time. Too frustrating. But chill. There is a good deal of solutions for this, just pick one to venture.
Solution 1: Turn off mute
iPhone ring silent button
First of all, go and check the switch on the left of your iPhone that is just above the volume buttons. If that switch is approaching your screen means your phone’s ringer has turned on. But if it approaches the back of your iPhone means your iPhone is in silent mode. If it so you can see red or orange line next to that switch. So you have to turn on your mobile to ringer mode. Probably this is the problem in many cases.
Solution 2: Are you check your DND?
Do Not Disturb
If the left side of your phone above the volume keys doesn’t work out mean go to Settings in your iPhone then select “do not disturb  (DND)”  then turn off the “manual” and “scheduled”. Then the orange will not be seen because you have fixed the problem.
Note: Rather you can choose moon icon to turn off the DND. Just flip up the screen of your iPhone from the bottom then tap the moon icon to solve this problem effortlessly.
Solution 3: Ringer and Alerts
At times we need to check “ringer and alerts”. For that go to Settings, select Sounds,  check “ringer and alerts” volume is muted or not. If you muted it then turn it on. You can check the volume by clicking on the volume button.
Solution 4: Using Syncios Data Transfer
If the above are not work out mean, just perform a backup on your iPhone, then select Factory Settings and restore it. That the backup process will be so simple with an app called Syncios Data Transfer, with a single click you can backup everything on your iPhone 4/5/6/6s. That consist of messages, contacts, music, videos, notes, call logs, etc in your computer too. Whenever you need to perform a backup or restore, with a single click you can perform it flawlessly on both your iPhone and Mac.
Note 1: To backup your iPhone easily you have to download and install Syncios Data Transfer on your Mac. Then hook up your iPhone to your computer by using USB cable after that run that program. Then tap “backup”, then select data to perform the backup, after which tag on the “Start Copy”
Note 2: To restore your iPhone, do the same as we discussed in Note 1, then click “restore” instead of “backup”, then select the previous files to be restored. Complete your action by tag on “start copy”
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Solution 5: May be!!!
Sometimes dirt or fluid may take into the parts such as headphone jack or lightning or dock connector. So your iPhone assumes that you have connected something like headphones when we not even plugged anything that sort. So it will turn itself to headphone mode. Don’t worry, we have a simple tip to get rid of this. Use an anti static brush to clean the dirt from the headphones jack or lightning/dock connector port. If it not available means you can use tooth brush also. But that anti static brushes are so helpful to brush up all kind of electronics. You can buy the anti static brushes easily and inexpensively in Amazon.
Note: If a problem occurs in your iPhone means you have to contact Apple Store. If you think it costs more means you can also send a mail to ire sq., repair services.
Other fixes

  1. Just plug in your headphone then remove it out.
  2. Just check if you have linked the phone with Bluetooth accessory. If this the case means go to Settings -> Bluetooth then turn it off.
  3. Turn off your iPhone then turn it on again. sometimes restarting your mobile will work well.

So far we have discussed many solutions regarding the topic. If you have any other quick fixes just share it with your worthwhile comments.

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